TMTA - Lots of buy signals here

Posted by downtowntrader | 10/03/2005 02:09:00 AM | 0 comments »

15 minute chart confirms what the daily chart is showing. TMTA should head higher from here, and at worst, provides an entry with very little risk. There is one thing I don't like here, and that is that the break of the downtrend was not accompanied by a volume surge. This may mean that there will be a retest of the trendline soon. But, volume HAS receded very nicely during the pullback. There are a lot of buy signals here, or near signals. In addition to the signals described on the chart, Slow Stochastics is about to cross from under 20, and MACD looks like it will cross over soon. I'm liking this chart, so I will probably go long tomorrow.