Quick Update

Posted by downtowntrader | 12/12/2005 09:57:00 PM | 0 comments »

This is a tricky week to trade as there is a Fed statement tomorrow, options expiration later this week, and this is probably the last week of healthy volume this year (due to year end vacations). That being said here are a few charts that are interesting.

BCON: This is what I posted in early November. "I may be a little early here, but I believe the "Smart money" has begun to accumulate here. Look at volume the past few days quietly coming in. I picked up a few shares, and will add as it pulls back. I will sell if it breaks down below 1.60-1.65 ish, but my guess is that it won't get there. I bet that there will be an announcement or some sort of news that will propel this higher once the smart money finishes what they are doing. Just me speculating, but this one has some good backing." Spiked pretty good today, then pulled back. I don't think it's too late to join the party here but it needs to close over the 50sma soon.

SNDK:Watch the downtrend line carefully here if you are long.
BOOM: Nice move today after a few days of sideways action. Although that black candle looked pretty nasty, BOOM never penetrated the body of the white candle that started this move. This is also the first candle to close at HOD on this six month chart, at an all time closing high by the way. Sounds pretty bullish to me.

ANTP: I've been waiting for this break for some time. I will probably enter this tomorrow as a swing as I don't expect ANTP to swim with the markets per se.
NVDA:I've been watching chip stocks and NVDA looks like it will try and fill the downside gap. Hopefully some of you took advantage of my post thursday night on chips reversing the opening weakness to close strong on friday. I went long on nvda and mrvl, and both are up a little. Hopefully the fed doesn't screw anything up tomorrow.
MNST: This is one of my favorite plays. I scan for stocks in an uptrend and try to find stocks pulling back to support. I wait for a hammer, doji, bullish engulfing, etc at support. Then if next day is higher high, I enter, and set stop below the hammer, doji, candle. The trick is where to take profits.