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Here are some charts to consider. Congrats to those that played CKCM with me. Nice breakout today and may just be starting the run. Others in my portfolio that looked good today were SBUX,REDF, and EGY. Keep an eye on most of the stocks from last nights post as a few are looking like they will move higher.

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BNT has consolidated above the breakout point and is starting defend support.
GLG:Not to crazy about gold in the very near term, but this stock is acting well.
TRE may be worth playing if GOLD takes off in the next few days and TRE hold support.
FFIV is trading tightly near a breakout point. Maybe CISCO earnings will push it (or kill the sector all together).
GILD: Still holding above breakout area and meeting the ascending trendline.
GOL: Ticked a little higher today.
INFA: Consolidating into a bull flag.
MRVL: Still probing for support here, but may be ready.
I also posted an update earlier which can be found below.
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