Quasi Breakout

Posted by downtowntrader | 2/27/2006 08:56:00 PM | 1 comments »

Techs and Smallcaps led a rally today, however, as many are noting, volume was pretty ordinary. I am respecting the price action and support/resistance breaks, however, I am playing this move safer then I normally would. Lot's of what I've been posting the past few days has been looking good and some remain in decent entry points. Read back the past few days to look at the charts. Also, if anyone liked the post from btuff, let me know and I will harass him to start posting more regularly. It's different from my mostly technical viewpoint, but worthwhile reading in my opinion. Just a few charts tonight.

CMED may of bottomed out. The daily chart doesn't look all that impressive but they have reclaimed the trendline and will prob. test 50 sma in the next day or two.

CMED Weekly looks better with it bouncing off a trendline and reclaiming the 10 week SMA.
TRCI action was weak today but held above previous resistance.
KLIC may get a bounce off the rising trendline here.
CMT has been forming a nice contracting triangle.
CTXS may of finally cleared this consolidation area.
ABAX had a strong breakout today on good volume.
TRAD looks very good to me here. Volume was good and MACD looks like it will cross back over.

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  1. Jamie // 1:09 AM  

    Great piece on BOOM, very informative.