Charts of some IBD 100 stocks

Posted by downtowntrader | 5/31/2006 11:20:00 PM | 0 comments »

Small Caps are starting to firm up a little and if we are forming a near term bottom then IBD stocks may be a good place to be. With that in mind here are a few charts of IBD100 stocks that are near decent risk reward buy points.

ANDE actually looks more like a short if it can't break the internal trendline here, but if it can clear it then it should test the recent high.

CLB may be hammering out a bottom here.
DXPE is looking ready to move higher. Wait for the move out of the pennant.
EXPD continues to hold gap support.
LIFC cleared the pennant and is backing up to retest support.
DRIV may be done here. I am stopping short of calling it toast because it held the red trendline which should serve as support. However, the price action is pretty bearish.
GYMB is breaking out of a base here, but may not of consolidated enough for the breakout to hold.
SAFT has worked it's way back to it's breakout area and may find support here.
TNB pulled back to a major trendline and looks like it found support there.
Also I had problems with my VCBI chart, but check it out here.

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