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Posted by downtowntrader | 6/07/2006 07:04:00 AM | 1 comments »

As I was driving home last night listening to CNBC i heard four analysts say they were either bearish or waiting for things to clear up and that started getting me feeling a little excited. Looking at the charts below I feel like there is a decent chance the bottom is in for now. I am short on time and I will try to add more commentary later this morning. Here are the charts for now.

UPDATED 8:45am

Take a look at the nasdaq composite chart below. The odds are pretty decent that we are establishing a double bottom. I am looking at candles to confirm support at a previous breakaway gap and near a long term trendline. Add some divirging indicators and the case for bullishness is getting more solid.

Here is the Russell chart showing possible candle confirmation on the previous morning star reversal. What I would be looking for here is another morning star to develop to confirm this area as solid support. Of course, there is a chance we take out these lows and a more bearish stance would be needed.
Here is a good example of how I use candles to confirm support. If you follow the internal trendline shown in the ADS chart by the dotted line, you will see that each time it touches the candle a soji or spinning top candle occurs, followed by a bullish confirmation. This tells me that as the stock is pulling back to the trendline, we get a battle of bulls and bears end undecided about support, followed by bulls overtaking bears the next day. Here we are again with a hammer/spinning top at a trendline. If we get a bullish candle today, I would expect ADS to challenge it's 52week high.
BIDU had a nice breakout yesterday and may be headed to an all time high.
IIP has been consolidatin the previous breakout and appears to be forming a very healthy base. It looks like it is headed to the top of the triangle next.
FE has been consolidating above long time resistance which should serve as good support for a new breakout.

Although I am feeling a bit more bullish, keep in mind that the bottoming out process can get very choppy, and there is no guarantee that we are even bottoming out here. In short, I am looking for the Nasdaq to lead here, and if it continues to lag, then the chance that everything falls apart is more likely.

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