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Today is my Anniversary so I will be not be posting an update. The markets ended up forming spinning tops / dojis which signal indecision. This is expected as traders may be waiting for the fed meeting before putting on any meaningful positions. Here are a few links to check out:

  • Nice post by TraderX on one of the most common mistakes amateur traders make.
  • Kirk had almost exactly the same thoughts too.
  • Along those lines, here is a good article by Barry Ritholtz on how Money Management is more important then stockpicking.
  • I love reading Fallonds public roundup. If you are learning how to chart, you really owe it to yourself to spend some time on the public area of and try to really analyze how others chart and compare what your charts look like compared to others.
  • And finally, my link of the day. I saw this a while ago and a friend of mine was checking it out today and I still found it funny.
Have a nice evening and good luck tomorrow,



  1. Trader-X // 7:36 PM  

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Declan // 9:11 PM  

    Have a good one!

    And, thanks for the link.


  3. Jamie // 10:36 PM  

    Hey DT,

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Tuff // 11:30 PM  

    Anniversary? What type of excuse is that? Thankfully I don't pay for this service.

  5. downtowntrader // 9:06 AM  

    Thanks, X, Declan, and Jamie.

    Tuff, don't hate on me cause of your lack of skills.


  6. Muaad // 1:19 AM  

    Happy Anniversary and Thank You very much for the perspective and knowledge you have shared.


  7. downtowntrader // 9:05 AM  

    Thank you Muaad.