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Posted by downtowntrader | 4/25/2007 11:35:00 PM | 6 comments »

Before I start the market stuff, I am going through the blogroll and cleaning up any blogs that are being updated, and looking to add new blogs I may of missed. If you are a blogger that I have missed for whatever reason, and want a link, let me know in the comments section.

The shorts were squeezed a little today as the major indices started strong and put the pressure on. The Dow hit the big 13K and while it doesn't mean much, the media will make a big deal about it. While most stuff is a little extended, I'm looking for some spots in smallcaps as they have been lagging a little and aren't quite as extended as the other stuff. I like ICE, NTGR, PCLN, VIP, MFW, and LFL out of the IBD 100 list.

Here is a chart of ICE.

IntercontinentalExchange, Inc. (Public, NYSE:ICE)
It still looks like a decent setup to me with a possible move to close the gap shown on the chart.

Good Luck out there, and maintain the discipline and patience to not chase stocks for fear of missing out.



  1. Alex O. // 2:31 AM  

    Actually, I'd appreciate a link to my blog Portfolio Analysis which is everything else but a short term trading blog. In other words, you have a good reason to not include it, but also a good reason to add it :)

  2. Dorin-Bogdan // 3:52 PM  
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  3. IIO // 11:36 PM  

    You can add mine if you want, although its more medium to longer term trading.

    I admire the fact that you do short term trading while having a full time job. I gave it a go awhile back and just couldn't manage to pull it off.

    Great charts!

  4. Rahul // 11:30 AM  

    If your readers can benefit from my trade ideas and comments, I would really appreciate my blog being added to your blogroll.

    My trading style is typically 2-5 day hold period swing trading.


  5. downtowntrader // 12:06 PM  

    Ok guys, I checked out your blogs and added them to the list.

    Alex and IIO, Don't worry, I don't limit the blogroll to only short term or technical trading. I realize that each trader has his own unique niche and edge, so I am just trying to help my readers out in promoting their blogs.

    I realize most of you already link back to mine and I appreciate it. If you don't I would appreciate a link back too.



  6. zerobeta // 10:52 PM  

    Hey, I just started this blog up. It's more market commentary than specific ideas but good for a macro view. You may add it if you want.