Stock Chart Analysis SWC

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Stock Chart Analysis SWC

Stillwater Mining Company (Public, NYSE:SWC)

Apparently my blog is one of many in the internets and blogOspheres, currently being subjected to stock spam courtesy of a user named jj2000426. He has been spamming blogs all over the world pumping his palladium pick SWC. Here are a few sites currently impacted by his relentless spamming.

In the interest of my readers, I wanted to post an analysis of SWC so that you could get an objective view and not be swayed by constant, relentless, unabashed pumping of a stock.

While the long term macro economic view of metals in general is bullish, the SWC chart is a mess right now. Looking at the chart below you can see that SWC broke down from a large broadening wedge on pretty decent volume. While it is oversold at this point, my guess is that SWC will only make a partial retrace higher before continuing lower. The target for the breakdown measures out into the mid $7 dollar area and with a major low in that area, I fully expect a test of the 8's at a minimum. As far as my analysis, I would not recommend shorting in this area, but I don't expect this to form a bottom in this area either.

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  1. Dinosaur Trader // 3:38 PM  


    Great idea!

    Let's hope the spamming ends.


  2. muckdog // 3:48 PM  

    I'm getting them, too. Deleting them as fast as I can. The chart is a mess...

  3. downtowntrader // 4:08 PM  

    Thanks for the comments guys.
    I'm not sure if JJ is running some sort of spam Bot or just posting these manually. He seems to respond to comments, so I guess he reads all these blogs. I have no problem with someone explaining why their stock deserves merit, but there is no need to post all this bullshit spam in unrelated posts.


  4. StockRake // 4:16 PM  

    Hes doing it on StockBee too.

  5. JJ2000426 // 7:46 AM  

    JJ2000426 here! Thanks for posting about SWC and about me. Let me clarify that I am a promoter, not a pumper, of SWC. A pumper would use an automatic program try to spam a few billion blogs and email addresses around the world and hopefully get even just a fraction of the idiots to buy the stock and then he dumps while the stock has been pumped up; A pumper does not actually believe in stuff he pumps and will not hesitate to sell, a pumper will tell you no fact and engage in no discussions: He only needs a very small fraction of idiots to follow him and then he achieved his goal.

    I am a promoter. I truly believe in what I am promoting. I pledged never to sell soon until I rip the full profit potential in a few years. I post manually and try to respond intelligently and try to engage people in discussions. I am happy that you started this thread, making your site tops the google search.

    I encourage readers to go spend some time read discussions on my blog, determine by yourself whether anything I said make any sense or not. If it makes sense to you, you might actually consider buying SWC and make some money. If after careful study of my material, you disagree with me, and you believe this is a P&D scheme, you might actually short SWC when it rallies next time, and hopefully make some money, or you might just walk away.

    Finally, you have not done any analysis of SWC. All you did is print out a chart and draw some straight lines that doesn't make sense. To do an analysis you at least need to know what the company is about, what it makes, what are the future prospectives of the business. Go read on my blog and that is really how an analysis should be done on the fundamental prospectives.

    But At least you said something true. You point out that the metals are bullish, and you point out that SWC wasn't doing something great up to now. But you stop here and you failed to ask the question WHY. I suggest you have a look at the long term chart of PCU but look at just the part before 2003, then compare with the part after 2003, and then ask why.

    I am a promote, I encourage the readers to study the materials, decide by your own what is facts and what is not, and make your own decisions. And engage in intelligent discussions. Hopefully I convince you and not only you will buy, you will also go around promoting SWC to other people, based on the facts you know, but based on hype.

    If after you engage your time, and engaged in meaningful discussions with me, you are not fully convinced, then I will not bother with you again. Because I do not want to waste my time if everything I said could not convince you.

    But I know SOME ONE can be convinced, after spending a full weekend to read everything on my blog, and read everything I referenced to.

    Please, for the sake I spend more than 15 minutes of my time writting the comments above, do not erase it here. Instead spend your own 15 minutes and start to read discussions on my blog to see if it starts to make sense to you. You might actually become convinced and actually make some money in this.

  6. downtowntrader // 10:05 PM  

    Maybe you just don't know any better, but what you are doing is spamming. You claim you are a promoter, but do you realize that you are posting the same exact message, which is completely and utterly irrelevant to the body of the article you are posting it to, on blogs that have traffic in order to "pump" a stock in which you admittedly have a large stake. You are not just posting information and letting people decide, you are posting wild claims like "make 10% in the next day". That my friend is the mark of a bullshit spammer, not a "promoter". I welcome a discussion on this thread, but every message I receive on other posts not related to the stock of the post will be deleted promptly, so take your shit elsewhere.


  7. Hume // 7:10 AM  

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