Stock Chart Analysis CPLA

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Stock Chart Analysis CPLA

Capella Education Company (Public, NASDAQ:CPLA)

CPLA looks like it has entered a downtrend, or at a minimum an intermediate correction. It has been in a healthy uptrend since IPO'ing just over a year ago, setting higher highs and lows. It traded sideways the last two months of last year before rolling over into a correction. It has started to set lower highs and lows which is the definition of a downtrend. It looks like it just set a pivot high and is starting to roll back over. This is an easy trade to manage because the stop loss area is very clear. If it trades and closes over 64.55, then the trend would be changing to at least sideways. If not, then it should be headed to lower lows, or at a minimum a retest of the January lows.

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