Surgery still Sucks

Posted by downtowntrader | 4/20/2008 08:57:00 PM | 2 comments »

I had my second reconstruction of my right Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) on Friday. Both of my knee injuries have been on freak accidents on the basketball court, and it's amazing how a split second decision by someone else can ruin your year. About 14 years have passed from my first surgery and all I can say is surgery still sucks. They have all these new techniques and options and the end result is not much different from how I felt the first time. If anything, I'm in more pain now. I was supposed to have a femoral nerve block but I had complete feeling in my entire leg immediately following the surgery. As hard as it is to believe, I had more pain on the night following surgery, then two days later when the anesthetics supposedly wear off. I also had one of those fancy On-Q pain pumps and while it may of helped (hard to tell), I basically have been bleeding out of it all weekend. Thank god that thing comes off tomorrow. I think I will feel much better once that thing is removed. On the bright side I was able to avoid "microfracture" surgery, despite "extensive" cartilage damage. I can't wait to see what awaits me in my golden years.

Between the Doctor and Physical Therapy, I don't think I will have much time left to trade tomorrow.
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  1. Trader // 10:15 AM  

    Good luck on the therapy / recovery.

  2. downtowntrader // 11:00 PM  

    Thanks Trader.