Stock Chart PFCB

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Stock Chart Analysis PFCB

P.F. Chang's China Bistro (Public, NASDAQ:PFCB)

I'm not sure when or if gas prices will start impacting the consumer, but the first place most will cut back is on eating out at the mid-tier restaurants. The clientele for high end restaurants are usually less impacted during economic downturns, and the cheaper restaurants could have a trickle down effect from consumers looking to curb their spending rather then staying home. I'm not sure how business is doing for PF Changs, or their prospects moving forward, but the chart is showing some possible weakness. It just broke down through a rising wedge which is a bearish pattern. It's bollinger bands have contracted to it's narrowest range in several months and just began expanding again. This could be signaling the beginning of an increase in volatility and with PFCB falling out of a bearish pattern, it looks like the move will be lower. It's also at a point where the stop loss is clear and risk is minimal compared to the possible reward. I would prefer an entry near the declining 20 day sma, but it may not give that chance. Of course, a lot depends on the markets the next few days.

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