Stock Chart AFAM

Posted by downtowntrader | 10/16/2008 08:50:00 PM | 3 comments »

Stock Chart Analysis AFAM

Almost Family, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:AFAM)

I wrote a post on AFAM a few weeks ago as a stock that has held up well through the recent carnage. Although I didn't buy it last time, I have kept it on my watchlist. While I have altered my lines a bit, I am still thinking of the price action as a consolidation rather than a top. While AFAM did move lower from my last post, it has still held up fairly well considering the market conditions, and could of cemented support in the low 30's today. While it may not be ready to assault it's all time highs in a few days, the price action remains constructive, and I would think that it will ultimately resume the uptrend. My preference would be for a couple of days of tight trading in order to build some fuel for a push above resistance. But, who knows, this is one of the very few stocks I have on a buy watch.

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  1. Rish // 8:43 AM  

    Nice blog .Do you track only American mkts or interested in other mkts too?

  2. downtowntrader // 9:28 AM  

    Thanks for the comment Rish,
    I only track items listed in the States, but follow other markets via their ETF's.


  3. Rish // 10:49 AM  

    Thanks for the prompt reply, Ur analysis is sweet and simple.I am a Trader from INDIA with interests in Asian markets,Particularly INDIA.