Quick Update

Posted by downtowntrader | 1/05/2009 11:09:00 PM | 0 comments »

I guess today can only be called a consolidation day. No follow through to either side although bulls have to feel good about not giving up too much ground. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

I will be writing more articles from Investopedia.com and I will try and post links to each here on the blog. Here is an article on Bull Flags.

Also, I saw on Trade-Ideas twitter page that they are upgrading Oddsmaker to 30 days worth of backtesting vs 15. This is a very nice development as it now lets you backtest a full month. They also added some additional parameters for testing exits several days after entry. This opens up several swing trading opportunities in a product that I have been using strictly for intraday strategies. Kudos to the Trade-Ideas team for adding these changes.

Good Trading,