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Posted by downtowntrader | 1/29/2009 11:01:00 AM | 2 comments »

I haven't had a chance to post links to the recent articles I have written on Here is a list of the most recent:

Electronics Stores outperforming Retail Sector
Semiconductors poised to pop
Continued Weakness in Credit Cards
Technicals start to show signs of a shift in the financials
Is Fibonacci pointing to a bounce
Are the refiners under accumulation
High Volume Breakouts Signal a move higher
Money Flowing into Biotech Stocks
Network Companies on the Rebound
REITS Testing an Important Benchmark

I usually post these soon after they are published on my twitter page, so if you're interested you can follow me on twitter here.

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  1. Suchita Ambardekar // 2:07 AM  

    hi joey,

    Read your article on chart advisor.
    "Markets At Crossroads "

    Very well written and articulated...It is always satisfying reading your article...
    But in this particular article..I was interested to know if momentum indicator could be of a help,to understand on which side eventual breakout might occur."

    "Typically, each of these levels will be tested a few times as traders get comfortable with the established range. By carefully watching where these inflection points occur, a trader can glean valuable information about which side is winning the battle. Typically, buying pressure will first appear when the trading range moves slightly higher, forming a higher low; the reverse is true for selling pressure. "

    Suchita Ambardekar

  2. downtowntrader // 10:27 AM  


    There are many indicators you can use to help guess on which side the breakout will occur including momentum. I like to use indicators like this to spot divergences. If I see price is weakening as the indicator is strengthening, it gives me less confidence in a move in that direction.
    Thanks for the comment,