Gold Outlook

Posted by downtowntrader | 5/21/2009 02:55:00 PM View Comments

As I've been mentioning on twitter and the blog recently, I've been focused on the inflation theme for the past few weeks as Precious Metals, Energy, and Agriculture stocks have been rising on the heels of a weakening dollar. Gold is really starting to get going, and Adam Hewison, co-creator of Market Club videos has just released an update on gold. Here are some of his comments related to the video.

"The gold market sprang into life yesterday (5/20) as it closed in on $940 level which brings it back to its best levels since March 20th. We last looked at the gold market shortly after my return from New Zealand on May 5th. At that time, Gold (xauusdo) was trading at $902 you can see that all on my earlier video. Presently we are trading around $937 zone and it looks as though we can see further upside action in this market."

Click on the chart to be redirected to the video.

Market Club offers a thirty day free trial, and it really is a great service.

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