Stocktwits Charity Poker Tournament Wrapup

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I would like to thank everyone that participated in helping us raise money for the TS Alliance through our first ever Stocktwits Charity Poker Tournament last evening. The tournament was a blast, as 38 Stocktweeps gunned for each others chips online. There was some drama with top bounty man Howard Lindzon initially zooming to the top of the leaderboards, and Brian Shannon almost busting out in the first few minutes. They ended up crossing each other again in opposite directions as Brian bounced back to finish in the top 10.

We are very pleased with the support we received from the Stocktwits Community and taken back by the generosity displayed by several individuals. The total amount pledged to TS Alliance was just over $3000, with more than $2000 coming directly from individuals. Before we get to the tournament results, I would like to thank the following people who donated directly to the charity:

I would also like to single out Phil Pearlman for really stepping up and partnering with me to help organize the tournament. The help from Stocktwits went a long way in helping make this event a success and I am very appreciative of the help. Fari Hamzei also worked diligently in the background to help raise money and I am also grateful for his help.

As mentioned before the tournament was a blast and we received very positive feedback from everyone involved. The Stocktwits stream was buzzing with excitement for the full two hours it took to complete. There was some drama, some bad beats, and in the end, an exciting finish as @forevercaroline took the top honors. There were also some great bounties won, and additional prizes beyond the cash pot.
Here are the final results (Doyles Room ID's)

1 fvercaroline
2 forbsie
3 budfox555
4 ppearlman
5 think2play
6 milktrader
7 jonomaz
8 sayem
9 alphatrends
10 jlcnuketrade
11 brasil61
12 fcagger
13 nsummy
14 cpruette
15 shag007
16 aiki14
17 maktruck
18 fasthowey
19 betacap
20 makc52
21 steelertrade
22 contrahour
23 mxgman
24 gofeltafish
25 dvid07
26 jersey hound
27 ldrogen
28 dtowntrader
29 chartaddict
30 genevate
31 afontwitter
32 royaltrend
33 stockguy22
34 ev4zpoker
35 5starjam
36 tgoddess
37 kosovar
38 johnwelshphd

The following is the Prize Breakdown.

@ForeverCaroline took a huge cache of prizes
  • $380 Cash for top finish
  • Knocked out Brian Shannon for the following bounties

One year subscription to Marketclub ($350 value)MarketClub is an online charting system that is constantly scanning 317,000 symbols with buy or sell signals deigned to help traders research, get in and out of trades as quickly and efficiently as possible. MarketClub puts all of your research tools in one easy to use package that together gives you the edge you need to build and manage your investments. Take time to check out the MarketClub Trader’s Blog to learn more about MarketClub and the team behind it

If anyone is interested in trying INO marketclub, INO is offering 2 free months in addition to the 30 day money back guarantee to participants in the Stocktwits Tourney.

One year subscription to INO TV Premium ($100 value)INO TV Premium is an online collection of over 500 trading seminars from some of the foremost experts in their areas. It’s designed to help new and seasoned traders alike learn trading techniques from the comfort of their home. With 11 channels covering Day Trading, Options, Forex, and more, INO TV is able to help educate even the foremost trading expert!

The High Chart Patterns group writes a daily newsletter geared towards short term trading, with a focus on only the best setups and patiently waiting for the proper risk versus reward. To learn more about their service visit their site and sign up for a free two week trial.

@freindofforbsie (Forbsie)
@nhowe (BudFox555)
  • $114 Cash for fourth place finish (donating to charity)
  • $76 Cash for fifth place finish
  • Knocked out Howard Lindzon for the following bounties
  • Stocktwits Schwag Package courtesy of Stocktwits
  • $200 cold hard cash courtesy of @johnwelshphd
  • 6 Months Free to @hamzeianalytics HFT Package ($600 Value) courtesy of Fari Hamzei
The HFT Package from Hamzei Analytics is a private twitter feed with access to web based live chart streaming used to trade index futures and equity options. There is also a java based backup chat room. The offering is moderated by several pro traders including Fari Hamzei, Brad Sullivan, Rich Gula, Tom Bohn and Scott McCray. For more information please visit the HFT product information page.

Again, we would like to thank everyone that participated and if you missed the tournament and would still like to contribute, you can still donate at the tournament's home page. We will look to run a few of these in the future for different charities, as well as making this one an annual event.

If anyone has comments or feedback we welcome them.

Thanks again,


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