Following up on Home Builders

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I wrote on the home builder stocks earlier this year as a group that was looking strong despite the very negative sentiment still surrounding the group. Fundamental data is still weak at best, and Banks are still very leery of taking on more loans. Despite all the negativity though, the group remains in a favorable position. Tonight I am following up on that article and taking a look at some other home builder charts.

If you look at the three charts below, you will notice they are all trading in a very similar pattern. Overall, the group is in an interesting area, as they have broken free of a declining trading range or channel, but still remain under their recent highs. All three are flagging after a recent run up that took them close to important resistance levels, but ended with them backing off these levels. One of the reasons this group looks attractive here, is the flag is offering a cluster of candles resulting in a narrow range from which a trader can take an aggressive setup. If these stocks clear the small flag, a retest of the prior highs may be in the cards, resulting in a great risk versus reward setup. Beyond this, they could eventually head even higher with some market cooperation. Well defined risk with good possible upside is exactly the type of setup I look for.

The Ryland Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:RYL)

Brookfield Homes Corporation (Public, NYSE:BHS)

Meritage Homes Corporation (Public, NYSE:MTH)

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