Posted by downtowntrader | 11/29/2005 10:09:00 PM | 0 comments »

Just a quick update tonight. Also, there will not be an update tomorrow night as I will not be home till late.

QDEL: Got a bullish on Cramer and was trading up in after market. Keep an eye on it as sell off was a little overdone on Monday.

VPHM: Despite the negative news and resulting gap down, VPHM finished quite well. Could be a double bottom at support so watch for a higher high tomorrow. Pivot point would be 18.74.

HOM: May be another reversal here. Didn't hit lower trendline or even 50 day sma after share dilution news which may be a bullish signal.
I also found these that look pretty good. Put these into stockcharts candleglance. A few of these look pretty good and I will look at them more closely in the morning.


Good Luck tomorrow,