Bounce back day

Posted by downtowntrader | 12/01/2005 10:57:00 PM | 0 comments »

We had a nice strong up day today as bulls came back into the market. Funny enough, the energy sector participated this time, and most of the stock I highlighted a few nights ago were up nicely. I'm in the process of testing out a stock scanning tool that will hopefully speed up my evening study time, so until then, I think the updates will be brief. Here are a couple charts.

NBIX: Looking to re-enter if it makes a higher high tomorrow. Selling may be done for now.

CMT:I can't believe I let this slip away today. I've been watching CMT for a week now, waiting for today, and unfortunately, I missed it. I will look to enter on any weakness, as I think this is just getting started.
I highlighted IIJI a few nights ago, and today was what I was looking for. Nice volume too. I will lock in some profits tomorrow if it runs again, and start following it up with a trail stop.

A couple others that turned up on my scans were ndaq, hban, urbn and lend. Check them out in your charting software.

Good Luck,