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I posted this on a private board i'm on, but i thought i would post it here since it is updating some of the stocks recently on my watchlist. Basically the question was how i feel on cmed, cmt, redf, and ndaq. The links are broken but you can just cut and paste it to you address bar.

not sure what to tell you as market action trumps everything. the
nasdaq and smallcaps got hammered today and this may be the start of a
downtrend. also, i'm not sure if you own any of them or if you are
looking to get in. also, i don't know what your trading style is short
term, intermediate, etc. i'll start by saying i own cmt, cmed, and
ndaq. i was looking for redf to pullback, but this was a little steep.
i don't think i will initiate many long positions until the markets
show some strength.

cmed: had a really good move this morning and it all fell apart. i'm a
little upset that i didn't take some off the table here cause it
dropped below my buy point for a little while. It dropped from over
35-32.12 in one hour. At least it closed over the trendline. I would
hold this depending on your shares until it breaks the lower
trendline. Also, if you can watch it, i recommend mental stops on
cmed. they are one of the more volatile stocks i've traded.,uu[r,a]daclyyay[dc][pb10!b20!b50!b200!i!f][vc60][iut!ub14!la12,26,9!lh14,3!lc20][j64802581,y]&listNum=13

rdef: this has been a strong little stock, but it fell apart today. i
am waiting to see what happens here. it could bounce off the 20, but i
think the general markets would have to be strong for this to happen.
it may be headed back to the trendline and or 50 sma. if you own this
i would either lighten up and look to buy back at the 50 (depending on
confirmation), or hold as long as it maintains the trendline.,uu[w,a]daclyyay[dc][pb10!b20!b50!b200!i!f][vc60][iut!ub14!la12,26,9!lc20!ld20!lh14,3][J59882709,Y]&listNum=4

ndaq: this was one of the stocks that held it's own when the markets
started tanking. it is still below resistance, so at this point i
don't know that i would be a buyer, but this was pretty oversold and
may still move a little higher. i am hoping for a decent pop to sell
half my position, and I plan to hold half a few more days to see what

cmt: this is another stock that just didn't move when everything
around it was coming down. they also closed at high of day so that is
pretty decent. the negative is that they barely closed higher then the
close from 2 days ago, but i guess it wasn't a bad candle taking into
account the negative bias today.,uu[w,a]daclyyay[dc][pb10!b20!b50!b200!i!f][vc60][iut!ub14!la12,26,9!lc20!ld20!lh14,3][J63629567,Y]&listNum=4

some others that held up today.
lmia, nwre, and ntri.

hope this helps.
good luck,