A few charts to look at

Posted by downtowntrader | 12/18/2005 11:04:00 PM | 0 comments »

Here are a few interesting charts.

LMIA: Doji at the 38.2% retrace and previous resistance. Wait for confirmation, but this has been a very strong stock.
CTHR:Nice move Friday off the trendline. Nice support below.
REDF: Careful with this one as it may be in b of an Elliot Wave abc correction. I would love for this to fall near the 20 sma, but will be watching for a breakout.
CMT: Read comments on chart.

VPHM has been steadily climbing but has been quietly struggling with a trendline that was previous support. I am watching this for an attempt to close the window (gap) above. If it falters, may be a decent short.
NDAQ: Read chart notes. This could make a decent daytrade as well as a swing, as volume is ok and there is a decent target near the red downtrend line.
ANTP: Retested support and held. I will enter if it makes a higher high tomorrow.
CMED: CMED looks like it broke the triangle Friday, but pulled back slowly on decreasing intraday volume. I am showing a fib fan of the most recent leg up. Cmed is currently on the 61.8% retrace and could follow this fan line up.
Also on my list
BCON: Very weird close friday with a huge buy at 4:00pm. (no options on them)
MNST: Looks like the may have succesfully tested support
QDEL: I think bottom is in. Should pop up a little and come back and retest.

Good Luck,