Bullish breakouts

Posted by downtowntrader | 1/04/2006 09:35:00 PM | 0 comments »

There were a lot of bullish breakouts today and there may be some follow through tomorrow, but that is far from a sure thing. Keep the overall perspective in mind.... we are back up to resistance and there is a chance that tomorrow is a down day or late reversal day. With most stocks up, it may be wise to take advantage and sell what you are iffy about and focus on keeping your horses. I took advantage of todays rally in ford to lighten up, and I also sold lifc outright.

Yesterday I mentioned the contest I had with a few friends of mine. Below are the picks we came up with. I will update our positions from time to time. I can almost gaurantee that at least one of these will be a big winner this year, and there is a chance that you will see a few perform pretty well. I can also say that at least one of these will disappoint. All of these are based on yesterday's closing price. It's a long year, so let the race begin.

downtowntrader: cmed and redf
Nice start today as CMED had a strong day and may be breaking out of its base. Look at last nights post for charts.

btuff: ckcm and ngps
btuff is mostly fundamentals oriented and he really loves these. NGPS had a great day and CKCM has an improving chart as well.

doc: vphm and eln
two bio's is pretty risky, but this is a homerun swing if I ever saw one. both of these have the potential to double from where they are at.

lionshare: amd and jdsu
last years winner. sticking with his tech specialty. thinks it will be a big first half of the year for amd.

paige386: SVMFF and RUTH
SVMFF is a canadian silver stock that trades in the US under SVMFF or SVM.TO. Too confusing for me :). RUTH is an interesting pick that may be bottoming out.

smorg: IVN and SVMFF
More canadian mining and ores companies. We all think Gold and Silver will rock most of the year, although I think there is a pullback coming.

Although it's very early, I would like to brag that I am ahead so far.

Here are some interesting charts.

MTXX: I like this and it is breaking out of a rectangle trading range. Only problem is that this was a 10 percent move today. Woth watching though.

SBUX: Starbucks may be headed towards a long term breakout. Look at previous MACD crosses and on a weekly chart you will see that if this box is broken it should be smooth sailing. Also got a little mention on IBD tonight.
MMUS: I posted on this a few nights ago, and we had a pullback to the trendline that should serve as support. Volume is very light on pullbacks.
NDAQ: This should be interesting. I like NDAQ, and my gut says it will go up, but there is a lot of converging support and resistance here, so a move should be imminent.
PETS:Read notes on chart.

Good Luck,