Missing Charts

Posted by downtowntrader | 4/03/2006 12:25:00 AM | 0 comments »

Here are the rest of the charts from last nights post.

STRL is an ethanol play with a decent looking chart.CPO is another ethanol type play which could have a nice move if it clears resistance.
CCJ was looking like a short to me, but is starting to look better. Watch for a break to either side.
CIB cleared resistance, but volume is pretty weak. I would watch to see if volume comes in here.
DRIV came back to test support and held pretty well. This may be the start of a big run.
GDI had a nice triangle break and held support.
HITT cleared resistance and may breakout here.
NWRE is testing resistance and has been strong lately.
RS rejected the pullback friday. I will be watching to see if it can make a higher daily high.
VTIV looks nice breaking out of a bull flag.
If you missed last nights post, check it out here. I will post my IIP charts later this morning, but the short story is I think they are breaking out.
Good Luck,